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Life is not easy.

Life can be excruciatingly difficult at times. You and I were not designed to take this journey alone. We were designed to find strength, purpose, and comfort in relationships. Unfortunately, relationships are often some of the most difficult things to pursue, cultivate, and sustain. Yet, no matter how difficult, relationships are central to our experiences in this life. Life is truly all about relationships.

Counseling is one type of relationship that is designed to support you in your journey. If you are experiencing difficulty in your life, counseling can help you sort out and seek new ways of relating to God, self, and others. Change is possible and counseling is one way to pursue the change you desire in your life.

The question is not whether counseling is right for you... Maybe it is more helpful to ask questions like: What type of life do you long for? What deep heart longings do you have? What is your soul craving? And how will you move from letting life happen to pursuing the life you were designed for? The next step is yours. I am here to support you if you desire.

  - Jonathan Moore, LMFT, MA